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This Solo Acoustic Neil Young Tribute brings Young's material to life in a truly personal way.

Neil fans know this side well, as Young includes this stripped down style of his music in every show, even touring Solo on occasion himself.

Roger Potter has taken great care to create the feel of Young's early days on the Yorkville scene in Toronto and beyond.

This Tribute brings the power, depth and emotional aspects these songs hold to life.

From the Hits we all expect, to some of Neil's greatest "deep tracks" Neil Young Fans hold close to their hearts...they are all here.

An amazing trip through the decades with some of the most important commentary of those (and these) times, set to his incredible music.

Crowds sing along, all the while feeling chills as they share their personal memories with everyone around them ...both places and times come flooding in while Potter takes a journey through the past with the Music of Neil Young. 

2 - An Evening with Neil Young (Roger Potter Sept 23, 2022)

2 - An Evening with Neil Young (Roger Potter Sept 23, 2022)

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Based in Vancouver, BC Canada

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